Obtaining the right documents for your wedding is one of the most important steps

in your wedding planning process. We will provide information regarding the

necessary certificates for getting married in Greece. You should start collecting

your paperwork about 3 months prior your wedding day.

Once your documents are ready, you will have to send it to us for review.

We have to review all documents at least 4 weeks before your wedding in Theologos.

We offer a translation service, so you can send your paperwork by fax or email

if you find it difficult to translate at home.

After that, you just need to bring the originals with you.

Bear in mind that all documents must stay in the Town Hall.

Civil wedding legal arrangement in order to issue a marriage license
the following papers are required:
1.Birth Certificate
2.Confirmation of Non-Marriage
3.Divorce certificate (if any of the two was previously married)
5.Translation and certification of all of the above documents in Greek at the Greek embassy

Special notes

Instead of Certificate of no impediment to marry you can obtain

a Single Status Letter issued by your Embassy in Greece.

Your Embassy can send this document to the Registrar’s office in Theologos.

In case you cannot stay one day after the wedding in Theologos to sign

your Marriage License, you can authorize us to do so instead of you.

Please contact us for details.